Uatag Marketing Opportunities

Effective communication with
consumers, brand recognition,
and collection of analytical data

How it Works?

Using SmartTAGs, producers can communicate with consumers. Producer tracks product metrics, collects actionable data, and implements marketing opportunities. Consumer verifies product authenticity, shares their experience, and gets rewards.





The set of modules can be used as a marketing strategy for various products and customer needs. We customize modules for every client to increase customer loyalty and brand trust. Loyalty programs motivate consumers to interact more with the products and buy them more often.

for Verification
of Originality

The system motivates the user to participate and receive rewards.

Accumulated points can be exchanged for souvenirs, gifts, and additional discounts.


Push notifications are designed to instantly communicate real-time information to our customers. Effective customer engagement through push notifications grabs attention and creates a bond with your consumer.

Push notifications convert passive consumers to active ones.

* possible when using the app


Our system makes it possible to obtain data from consumers, monitor product activity, geography, rating system, ratings & reviews, track suspicious activity, and detect counterfeits.

Implementation Options
Tag on Packaging

The tag can be both incorporated into the packaging and the
product itself.

Physical Sticker

A secure, self-adhesive tag is placed on the packaging.

Unique Design

Features of the tag can be customized.

AI Tag

AI generates a unique image that you can convert to NFT.

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