Multifunctional solution for authentication, market research, and consumer engagement

Uatag represents a groundbreaking approach to product management and consumer relations. This versatile solution is designed to offer comprehensive benefits – from robust anti-counterfeit protection to in-depth consumer engagement and insightful market research.

Core Features
of Uatag


Each smarttag features a unique QR code that, when scanned, leads consumers to a platform for product authentication. This interaction also serves as a valuable point for market research and consumer engagement, collecting critical data and insights.

Unique Stained
Glass Pattern

Employing a distinctive stained glass pattern for each item, Uatag ensures every product has its own unique identifier that could be easily identified even without any gadget.


Every tag is embedded with a cryptographically signed, unique serial number, facilitating independent verification and traceability.

PIN-Code or
OTP-SMS Activation

The system of PIN codes or One Time Passwords (OTP) via SMS elevates consumer engagement. This step secures the product and opens a direct communication channel between the brand and the consumer, fostering loyalty and continuous interaction.

Applications of Uatag

Product Authentication

Offers a reliable, user-friendly method for verifying product authenticity, enhancing consumer trust and brand integrity.

Market Research

The data collected from QR code scans and consumer interactions is a rich source of market insights, revealing trends, consumer preferences, and product performance.

Consumer Engagement

Uatag serves as a bridge between brands and consumers, providing a platform for feedback, personalized promotions, and loyalty programs.

Digital Passport

Uatag supports the creation of a Digital Passport for products, aligning with initiatives like the European Digital Product Passport. This feature provides comprehensive product information, including origin, materials, and lifecycle data, fostering transparency and facilitating sustainable practices.

Uatag is more than an anti-counterfeiting tool

It's an all-encompassing solution that addresses a wide range of needs. From ensuring product authenticity to engaging customers and extracting market insights, Uatag offers a holistic approach to navigating the complex landscape of modern product management.


Tag on Packaging
Tag on Packaging
Product labeling is carried out directly on the packaging and its parts.
Physical Sticker
Physical Sticker
The Tag is attached to the packaging using secure self-adhesive material.
Unique Design
Unique Design
Shape, appearance, and features of the tag can be customized for each client.
AI Tag
AI Tag
An unique AI-generated image that may be also issued as NFT.

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