About us

Our mission is to protect the global market from fake and counterfeit goods. We strive to guarantee authentic products to our customers both on the store shelf and in e-commerce. Now, more than ever it is crucial to have a reliable communication pathway between producers and consumers. We help to build a bridge of trust. Achieving this ambitious goal is possible with dedication and strong values.

and Transparency

Working as a team with the client to reach the target goal yields the best results. Collaboration and clear communication are key components of successful projects. To keep our business transparent we encourage clients and employees to be honest, open, and straightforward.

Efficient collaboration and team transparency contribute to building a better relationship with our customers and their consumers.

Our History

The history of Uatag began in 2017 when Taras Rodtsevych, the founder of Uatag, came up with the idea to assign a unique fingerprint for every single product.

Since 2017

The history of tag creation and design.


Label is for premium segment goods. Broken glass with a unique pattern in a metal case. Type of attachment - self-cdestructive film.


A tag of increased durability for storage and movement of the goods in difficult environmental conditions. Broken glass with a unique pattern in a transparent protected case. Type of attachment - seal.


A universal tag designed for flat surfaces. Broken glass with a unique pattern in a plastic case covered with a transparent protective lens. Type of attachment - self-adhesive material.

Smart TAG

A sticker for authenticity check that fosters producer-consumer communication. A set of unique identifiers on paper/PVC film. Type of attachment - secure self-adhesive material.

Awards & Recognitions

Here at Uatag, we are proud of where we came from and where we are headed. Below you can see some of our awards and recognitions. We are looking forward to adding to this list as we develop new ways to satisfy our partners, customers, and employees.

«Go-to-Market» Main
Award, CRDF Global
Seal of Excellence,
Horizon 2020
IT Arena 2018 Startup
Competition Finalist
The Next Web 2018 Editorial
Pick - Hottest Startup
TechCrunch Top Picks
for Disrupt SF 2018
Y Combinator Startup
School Member
Lviv Business School
Acceleration for Startups
CES 2020
Las Vegas
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