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Effective communication with consumers, brand recognition, and collection of analytical data. Facilitating effective communication with consumers, enhances consumer engagement and brand recognition through interactive campaigns, significantly boosts sales, leveraging the power of targeted promotions and real-time analytical data to drive purchase decisions.

Innovative Audience Engagement Strategy

Uatag's Marketing Campaign Solution offers a novel approach for brands to engage with their audience. By integrating Uatag`s unique tagging system into marketing strategies, businesses can directly connect with consumers at the point of product interaction. This solution not only enhances the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through real-time consumer feedback and interaction but also leverages the data gathered from tag scans for targeted and personalized marketing efforts. Uatag`s tool thus becomes a powerful asset in creating more engaging, data-driven, and customer-centric marketing campaigns.

Marketing Opportunities

Verification is not just a security step; it's an engagement opportunity. We've seen brands use Uatag verifications to unlock exclusive content, offer personalized promotions, and enhance the overall customer experience. This interaction deepens brand loyalty and customer engagement.

Customer Profiles
Through Data

Integrating Uatag with customer loyalty programs transforms anonymous interactions into rich customer profiles. We're now able to understand who our customers are, tailor marketing messages, and offer personalized experiences, all based on reliable, real-time data from Uatag verifications.

Marketing and

Data from Uatag has enabled targeted direct marketing efforts. Personalized email campaigns, special offers, and product recommendations based on verification patterns have led to increased customer engagement and sales.


The set of modules can be used as a marketing strategy for differentiated products and needs. Loyalty system modules create a channel of communication with end customers and motivate them to buy more and be more loyal to the brand.

They are created to attract consumers to a unique loyalty program.

Campaign Effectiveness

Assessing campaign effectiveness is crucial in market research. Uatag's system delivers precise metrics for evaluating consumer interactions and response rates. This data simplifies the process of determining the return on investment (ROI) for various marketing activities, ensuring more informed and effective campaign strategies.


Our system makes it possible to obtain data from consumers, monitor product activity, geography, rating system, ratings and reviews, as well as track suspicious activity and detect counterfeits.

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