Digital Product Passport

The imminent arrival of the European Digital Product Passport is set to revolutionize global trade. Discover how you can get ready for this change and explore why Uatag is your ideal partner in adapting to this new era.

Online Versions
for All Products

Envision a future where every product in Europe, whether made locally or imported, comes with a digital counterpart. This online version of the item will constantly be updated with pertinent information and content. This scenario is not just a concept but is expected to become a reality in the European market in just a few years.

Future through

The European Digital Product Passport (DPP) is a key component of the EU's strategy to foster sustainable products and circular economy. It focuses on providing a digital identity to products, enhancing transparency about their sustainability and lifecycle. The DPP aims to streamline access to product information for various stakeholders, including consumers and regulators, thereby supporting informed decisions and sustainable practices.

Key to Transparency
in the Product

A Digital Product Passport (DPP) is essentially a detailed and dynamic digital profile for products. It stores comprehensive data about an item’s origins, materials, production methods, characteristics, lifespan, maintenance, dismantling, recycling guidelines, and other key details valuable for various stakeholders in the supply chain. This rich repository of information is accessible digitally via the platform.

Uatag's Integration
with DPP

Uatag's technology strengthens DPP's initiative by providing secure, unique product tags, ensuring reliable product traceability and authentication. These tags offer detailed product information, aligning with DPP's transparency goals. Uatag's system enables real-time tracking and analytics, enhancing the sustainability efforts of DPP by providing insights into product usage and lifecycle.

How Uatag Paves the Way for Global Retail with Digital Product Passports

In response to industry changes and EU regulations, global retail is transitioning from traditional barcodes to the Digital Product Passport (DPP). Implementing Uatag's solutions now offers a strategic advantage, preparing businesses for both EU DPP and US Protocols. Uatag's system simplifies the creation of digital tags, ensuring a smooth and efficient adaptation process for your products. This proactive step ensures compliance and enhances product management.

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