Market Research

The Market Research solution offered by Uatag leverages the unique tagging system to provide valuable insights into consumer behavior and market trends. This solution allows businesses to track and analyze how consumers interact with their products through Uatag's tags. It's an innovative approach that goes beyond traditional market research methods, offering real-time, data-driven insights.

Market Insights
with Uatag

By tapping into this wealth of information, businesses can make informed decisions, tailor their marketing strategies effectively, and gain a deeper understanding of their customer base and market dynamics. Uatag's Market Research tool transforms every tagged product into a source of market intelligence.

A/B Testing and Market Adaptability

With Uatag, every product becomes a test subject. We can now deploy A/B testing in real-world scenarios, using product verification data to gauge the effectiveness of different marketing strategies, packaging designs, and more.

Creating Targeted Surveys

Uatag enables the distribution of targeted surveys linked to product verification. Imagine a scenario where a customer verifies a product and immediately receives a survey tailored to their experience. This method ensures high relevance and engagement, providing businesses with precise feedback on their products.

Testing Marketing Messages and Product Concepts

During the verification process, different marketing strategies can be presented to the consumer, and their immediate feedback can be captured. This approach allows for a dynamic testing environment, ensuring that marketing strategies are honed and effective.


One of the key challenges in market research is measuring the effectiveness of campaigns. Uatag's data offers concrete metrics to evaluate consumer engagement and response rates, making it easier to assess the ROI of different market research initiatives.


The agility of Uatag data is a game-changer in market research. With real-time insights, businesses can quickly adjust their campaigns to align with evolving consumer trends and feedback, ensuring that their market research remains relevant and impactful.

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