UATAG Announce Partnership with the National Museum of the History of Ukraine


April 25, 2018 — Ukrainian inventor Taras Rodtsevych visited the National Museum of the History of Ukraine. During the visit to the NMU, the inventors conducted negotiations with the general director of the museum Tetyana Sosnovska concerning protection against forgery and substitution of museum exhibits.

Taras had patented a device for marking and verification of the authenticity of origin of items and protection against counterfeiting and suggested using this invention to prevent the replacement of museum exhibits during storage and transportation.

This clear technology allows not only to guarantee the preservation of the exhibit, but also to make an online description of the subject that will be stored in a securely protected blockchain database.

At the meeting, parties agreed on cooperation and signed the Memorandum of Understanding establishes a type of partnership between UATAG company and National Museum of the History of Ukraine. UATAG company intends to deliver free trial samples of tags for the National Museum of the History of Ukraine to conduct prototype testing on museum exhibits. We remind, that the first batch of an early prototype of the UATAG originality verification label samples was recently made in Ukraine.

More about the invention and its use by museum Taras, together with his colleague Volodymyr Maslyuk, will present on May 17, in Kyiv, on the press conference dedicated to the International Museum Day.

More information on the official website of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine.

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