Save the Date for 18-19, March 2018 and Visit the Israeli Ukrainian Innovation Expo


Save the Date for 18-19, March 2018 and visit the Israeli Ukrainian Innovation Expo 2018 in Tel Aviv, Israel, together with UATAG team.

During two days entrepreneurs, innovators, angel investors, venture capitalists and many others involved in developing startups in Israel and Ukraine will gather in the heart of the startup nation Tel Aviv to introduce its business activities, and share its success stories and fears.

Come to join independent Israeli Ukrainian Entrepreneurial Community of innovators, decision-makers in charming Tel Aviv! Besides, we have important news that will be announced in the event.

Reach UATAG at the Exhibitor’s Zone, the booth is #10 in the Expo Pavilion, and support UATAG’s CEO and Founder Taras Rodtsevych at the keynote speech at the breakout meetups.

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