Uatag is a company that provides services to protect the global market from fake and counterfeit goods.

Secure Your Brand: Authentic Cat Treats with UaTag Verification

Ensuring the authenticity of products has become a paramount concern for consumers and brands alike. In an age where counterfeits flood the market, UaTag stands as a beacon of trust, offering an innovative solution to validate the genuineness of every purchase. With a commitment to protect brands and the well-being of their customers, UaTag provides unique, secure tags for a wide range of products, including the ever-popular cat treats beloved by feline friends across the globe.

For manufacturers and distributors of cat treats, ensuring that only authentic, quality products reach the paws of their discerning clientele is crucial. UaTag's high-security QR-coded tags are meticulously designed to be tamper-proof and unique to each product, making it virtually impossible for counterfeiters to replicate. This level of security is paired with an intuitive platform that allows brands to track their products and engage with consumers directly.

Customers seeking assurance in the quality of their pet's snacks will find peace of mind with UaTag's easy-to-use verification system. A quick scan using a smartphone reveals essential information about the cat treats in question—manufacturing details, nutritional content, and more—fostering a transparent and trustworthy exchange between pet owners and brands.

Embracing UaTag's cutting-edge technology translates into numerous benefits for both businesses and consumers. Brands experience enhanced protection against product fraud, increased consumer confidence leading to stronger brand loyalty, and potentially higher sales and profit margins. Moreover, the reduction in logistics and quality control costs is a welcome advantage for any business striving for efficiency.

In summary, UaTag offers an indispensable service that caters to the nuanced needs of modern commerce, ensuring that every treat offered to our feline companions is safe, authentic, and of the highest quality. It's not just about protecting products; it's about nurturing a community built on trust and mutual respect between brands and consumers.

Key Advantages

  • Unparalleled defense against fake diabetes medications

  • Enhanced consumer confidence in drug authenticity and safety

  • Boosted brand loyalty and customer satisfaction

  • Streamlined logistics and quality control management

  • Rich data analytics for informed business decisions

Core Features
of Uatag


Each smarttag features a unique QR code that, when scanned, leads consumers to a platform for product authentication. This interaction also serves as a valuable point for market research and consumer engagement, collecting critical data and insights.

Unique Stained
Glass Pattern

Employing a distinctive stained glass pattern for each item, Uatag ensures every product has its own unique identifier that could be easily identified even without any gadget.


Every tag is embedded with a cryptographically signed, unique serial number, facilitating independent verification and traceability.

PIN-Code or
OTP-SMS Activation

The system of PIN codes or One Time Passwords (OTP) via SMS elevates consumer engagement. This step secures the product and opens a direct communication channel between the brand and the consumer, fostering loyalty and continuous interaction.

Trust Bridge

Now, more than ever it is crucial to have a reliable communication pathway between producers and consumers. We help to build a bridge of trust. Achieving this ambitious goal is possible with dedication and strong values. Uatag transforms the traditional approach to product verification, turning consumers into a true brand support group. This approach not only ensures the supply of authentic products but also deepens the consumer-brand relationship, making each customer an integral part of the brand's mission to deliver originality and quality.

Our Customers

Our clients are manufacturers and distributors of various types of products who want to track and analyze consumer interaction with their products. Our clients are represented in various industries, such as FMCG, beverages, food products, alcohol, electronics, toys and games, apparel and fashion, health and beauty, luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, home appliances, sporting goods, agricultural products, and pet care products.

What We Do

We make unique tags, which contain QR codes and information about the product. Each tag is unique and impossible to counterfeit. We provide our clients with a platform to track and analyze their products and consumers.

Our observations on
customers' needs

We observe that our clients need an effective and reliable way to protect their products from counterfeits, which can damage their reputation and profits.

Key Benefits

  • High level of protection from counterfeits and substitution of products

  • Increased trust and satisfaction of consumers towards the brands

  • Increased sales and profits for our clients

  • Reduced costs on logistics and quality control

Our clients are looking for from us

  • Simplicity and convenience
    of using our service

  • Professional and timely
    support and consultation

  • Flexibility and adaptation
    to their needs and conditions

  • Innovation and leadership in the
    field of protection from counterfeits

Uatag is more than an anti-counterfeiting tool

It's an all-encompassing solution that addresses a wide range of needs. From ensuring product authenticity to engaging customers and extracting market insights, Uatag offers a holistic approach to navigating the complex landscape of modern product management.


Tag on Packaging
Tag on Packaging
Product labeling is carried out directly on the packaging and its parts.
Physical Sticker
Physical Sticker
The Tag is attached to the packaging using secure self-adhesive material.
Unique Design
Unique Design
Shape, appearance, and features of the tag can be customized for each client.
AI Tag
AI Tag
An unique AI-generated image that may be also issued as NFT.

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