How it works

Uatag (unique authentication tag) – a solution for product originality verification and
counterfeit protection based on a two-level authentication technology.


The uniqueness of the broken glass shard.


Based on the blockchain ledger and data records.

Введіть ID з Вашого стікера щоб перевірити аутентичність  
Введіть ID з Вашого стікера щоб перевірити аутентичність
Everything in the world can be
Everything but Uatag!
1 Find the uatag code
2 Scan the code and wait for several seconds
3 Compare the unique image in your phone and at the product
4 Verification is complete
There is no other solution that provides 100% guarantee
and protection for your product like Uatag.
Try it Now

Easily verify the authenticity of any item with a simple scan of a smartphone. Download the App and try to scan this QR code.

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