The First Batch of an Early Prototype


Good news! We just have got the first batch of an early prototype of the UATAG originality verification label and our favorite thing about it isn't the glass with its unique shards, but it's minimalistic and attractive design that can serve not only as a protection against forgery but also as a stylish accessory for your genuine product.

One of the essential early steps in the inventing process is creating a prototype - which is a three-dimensional version of our vision. Creating a prototype is one of the most fun and rewarding steps we'd taken. That's because developing a prototype gives us an opportunity to really tap into our creativity, using those skills that inspired our invention idea in the first place.

The first challenge for UATAG team was to get from our first prototype with 3D-printed parts, duct tape, glass and cardboard to production-ready. But it's truly exciting to see your idea transformed into something tangible and real.

Prototyping involves more than just the creation of a tactile mockup. It is a proof of concept, constructed of precision-crafted components.For that reason, latest UATAG  designs generally go through several prototype iterations before they are deemed ready for the production line.

Unique authentication tag is a brilliant idea and the final product might be handy for brands and manufacturers, but this prototype will be improved more than once. So, it is the right time for you to leave comments about the look of the tag on our contact page

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