UATAG Has Been Selected As a Finalist in the CRDF Global STEP VIP Competition


We are pleased to inform that UATAG solution for product originality verification and counterfeit protection has been selected as a finalist in the Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Program (STEP) Ukraine, “Virtual Incubation Program” (VIP) taking place on February 20 – April 1, 2018.

The world-famous CRDF Global invites all interested Ukrainian technology innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs to participate in online training and competition in the framework of its annual Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Program (STEP). CRDF Global launches “Virtual Incubation Program” (VIP) that delivers support to startup teams developing products and services related to cyber-security, green energy, robotics, IoT, Big Data, and others. The STEP Ukraine is made possible through grants from the United States Department of State.

The group of judges selected 5 semi-finalists. Those 5 teams who made this cut will be matched with industry-specific experts/mentors and participate in the next phase of the program – Individual Coaching.

Each of five winning teams will work on specific milestones during the next four weeks and will receive a custom-tailored advice on industry-specific go-to-market strategies. At least one international consultant will be recruited by CRDF Global to advance awardees project implementation. CRDF Global in consultation with implementing partner(s) will engage subject matter expert who is expected to assist two winning teams with the following:

  • Provide general business development consultations
  • Identify potential opportunities, partners, investors
  • Assist with networking efforts (initial introductions)

At the conclusion of Individual Coaching, mentors will be asked to either endorse or withhold the nomination of their mentees (teams). Mentor’s YES or NO decision will be made based on technology commercialization potential and team’s overall performance. Only those teams who receive mentor’s endorsement will be invited to present at the Online Pitch Competition Finale.

The 10-minute business presentations will be evaluated based on originality and relevance of the technology, sustainability and effectiveness of the business model, clear evidence of market demand, entrepreneurial spirit of the inventor (or team), presentation and question & answer skills.

Award winners will be decided based on the highest combined score:

  1. Proposition- 60% (market understanding, value proposition)
  2. Presentation Skills- 20% (professional look and feel to a presentation, useful text)
  3. Q&A Skills- 20% (ability to understand judges’ questions, substantive answers)

The panel of international and local experts will select up to two awardees (emerging startups) who will receive financial support in a form of a “Go-to-Market” Grant of up to $3,000 or “Startup-Idea-Validation” Grant of up to $1,000.


Good luck to us! We believe in victory!


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For more information: Halyna Vilchynska, Head of Marketing at UATAG,


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