UATAG - Product Originality Identification Made Of Glass.


  1. UATAG idea arose during a dispute between the authors of the project, whether one person could create something that the other would never repeat. Among such moments of "uniqueness" were cracks in the glass. The texture of the broken glass is always unique and it is impossible to duplicate it. The inventors used these unique glass properties to identify the goods authenticity.
  2. Unlike most anti-counterfeit solutions available on the market today, UATAG is non-reproducible, does not require any special reading devices and provides instant visual product authentication, enabling every customer to choose original products everywhere they shop and every time they buy.
  3. In addition to the main function of counterfeit protection, UATAG can also play the role of a stylish accessory. Customers will be able to order a protective tag in a plastic or a metal frame.
  4. Today, UATAG is preparing to start mass production. Nevertheless, brands, who are looking for protection solution can make pre-production order agreements Be the first to try UATAG.

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