The Big Question: How many of the paintings in our public museums are fakes?


Exactly how many are fake?

A reasonable estimate might be that at least 20 per cent of the paintings held by major museums, some up on the walls, many others in the vaults, will no longer be attributed to the same painter 100 years from now. 

Is faking on the increase?

Undoubtedly. It is thriving, especially in the field of architecture. But it is not called by the gross name of faking. 

Is it possible to limit fakery?


* Museums should be more stringent in their attribution policies

* If in any doubt, don't buy. That may discourage pedlars of forgeries

* Educate the public to buy new art and to hate copies and the problem will be solved


* Fakery has been an easy way to earn money through the ages. It will go on being so

* There will always be a demand for copies of masterpieces, whether regarded as fakes or not

* The copying of masterpieces has long been regarded as a form of apprenticeship



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