Taras Rodtsevych, UATAG: "Be ready to invest all your time in a new startup"


The editorial of the website Na chasi, talked to Taras Rodtsevych - the inventor of the technology for product originality verification based on the uniqueness of the broken glass cracks and the blockchain:

— The young generation is self-affirmation through the choice of popular brands. Parents accustomed their children to the well-known brands from the childhood, starting with LEGO constructor and ending with designer clothes. Counterfeiters use the fact that the consumer is willing to pay for a well-known trademark. As a result, we have a market full of fakes, that can not be visually distinguished from the original.

About plans for 2018:

— We will definitely try craftfangding in 2018. A successful company on Kickstarter can not only support financially but also create an outrage around the product, identify early customers and attract investors' attention. We have already submitted several applications for grants - now we are waiting for the results. Participation in accelerators and startup incubators is also desirable, but first, we have to close many aspects of the product itself and its production.

Read the full version of the article on: Na chasi.

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